Why basmati rice ??

Why basmati rice ??

Why basmati rice??


‏Basmati rice contains a large amount of pulses, unlike other types of rice that contain gluten inside, so this type of gluten is free, as it contains a small amount of fat, in addition to containing 8 main amino acids, folic acid and a small amount of sodium  .

‏ In the case of a diet for weight loss, it is recommended to eat basmati rice as an alternative to other types of rice, and it does not cause cholesterol, as cooking it with spices and vegetables also increases its nutritional value as well.


‏Benefits of basmati rice

Promotes healthy heart and nervous system

‏ The vitamins in basmati rice such as vitamin A-C-E help promote healthy heart and basmati system, as well as have healthy and smooth skin.

‏ It contains more fibers and fatty acids found in nuts, which helps avoid the risk of heart disease

‏Weight maintenance

‏ 200 grams of basmati rice contains less than 1 gram of fat, and is an ideal choice for dieters or vegans.

Aids digestion

One cup of basmati rice consists of 20% fiber, and the fibers help treat stomach problems, and facilitate digestion.

Cancer prevention

‏ The vitamins, fibers, and nutrients found in basmati rice prevent cancerous cell growth.

‏Suitable for diabetics and cholesterol

‏ Basmati rice helps control cholesterol in the body, reduces complications of diabetes, and has a low glycemic index, which is recommended for diabetics.